Koh Mak Divers Dive School on beutiful Koh Mak Island

Dive sites

The Koh Chang National marine park is an archipelago of 52 islands
and is a fringing coral reef, consisting of around 40 species of both hard
and soft corals, hundreds of different species of fishes and invertebrates
that abound here.

The diving is mainly concentrated around Koh Rang and it's adjacent
islands  which is only 45 minute ride away on our own boat the Kiravat
a 18 metre long comfortable boat with toilet, fresh water shower, mini bar and lots of shade.
It has been totally converted with diving in mind.

With pristine corals, average visibility of 20 metres and a bottom temperature
of 28 C make this a very interesting location for beginners and experienced
divers alike.

Here on the map we pointed out some of our favorite dive sites.

Amazing Corals max. depth 30 metres!